Coal Tar, ‘Poonamis’ and Thousands of New Apartments at the ‘Toxic Wonderland’ of the Gowanus Canal

By | Published Feb 18, 2024 | THE CITY

A sign warns against swimming or eating seafood in the Gowanus Canal.

The Gowanus Canal is a “toxic Wonderland” in the midst of a neighborhood undergoing a complicated transformation. Hear from locals, government officials and developers about the future of the area — and what challenges stand in the way of a cleaner, more resilient community.

Samantha Maldonado, senior reporter at THE CITY,  and independent journalist Jordan Gass-Pooré dig in on the final episode of Hazard NYC, a four-part FAQ NYC Presents limited series exploring the city’s Superfund sites.

See and read more about the Gowanus Canal on The Scramble to Cleanup the Gowanus Canal, as Housing Boom Looms.

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