The Legacy of the Manhattan Project Lives On in Queens

By | Published Feb 15, 2024 | THE CITY

EPA workers blocked contaminated areas at the Wolff-Alport Chemical Company Superfund site in Queens.

A small patch of land and the buildings located on it contain radiological contamination, posing a cancer risk for workers on the site and nearby neighbors. Work is ongoing to get rid of the threat — but it hasn’t been easy to get there.

Samantha Maldonado, senior reporter at THE CITY,  and independent journalist Jordan Gass-Pooré dig in on episode three of Hazard NYC, a four-part FAQ NYC Presents limited series exploring the city’s Superfund sites.

See and read more about The Wolff-Alport Chemical Company Superfund site on Demolishing a Chemical Company’s Radioactive Past in Ridgewood, Queens.

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