The Plume Beneath the Surface Is Creeping Up on Meeker Ave

By | Published Feb 14, 2024 | THE CITY

Greenpoint residents attend an EPA-sponsored informational event at St. Stanislaus Kostka Lower Church about conducting air quality tests as part of the Meeker Avenue Plume Superfund site cleanup.

Now defunct dry cleaners, metal and brass foundries, and soap and lacquer manufacturers leaked toxic chemicals into the ground in Greenpoint and East Williamsburg, beneath businesses and homes. The feds are taking a look, but in the meantime, locals could be breathing in fumes. There’s a way to find out and fix any problems, but only if property owners get on board.

THE CITY’s senior reporter Samantha Maldonado and independent journalist Jordan Gass-Pooré talk to locals who live on top of the so-called Meeker Avenue Plume and want people to remember, as one neighbor said, “It’s more than just a toxic site” in episode two of Hazard NYC, a four-part FAQ NYC Presents limited series exploring the city’s Superfund sites.

See and read more about the Meeker Avenue Plume on The Meeker Avenue Plume Lurks Beneath North Brooklyn.

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